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Merit experience trip with “9 Sacred Temples by Cruise” tour program

Merit experience trip with “9 Sacred Temples by Cruise” tour program

Merit experience trip with “9 Sacred Temples by Cruise” tour program

1. Meet the first group of passengers at Maharaj Pier at 8.00 am, and register for receiving tickets if “9 Sacred Temples by Cruise” tour program. For the second group of passengers, they will be picked up at Sathorn Pier. By the way, passengers can call the staff to make their own meeting point at any piers before the tour date.

2. After check-in, it’s time to start floating to our first target, “Wat Chalermprakiet Wora Vihan”. This temple is the royal monastery in the age of King Rama III. It was built by order of King Rama III and dedicated to his majesty the king’s grandparents and princess mother. This monastery was largely built with Thai-Chinese style and it was been the fortress in Ayuthaya era.

3. Not much longer, we will reach the second target ”Wat Kae Nok”. This temple is very ancient. We can notice from its front side that turn to the river, reflects ancient Thai lifestyle.

4. Only 15 minutes cruise running we will reach “Wat Choeng Ta” Travelers can give respect to the statue of Tiger-God and see the traces of history from base of the main shrine (Ubosot). There are not appearances of any historical evidences to identify when it was built yet.

5. The forth temple “Wat Choeng Lane”. Travelers can pay respect to “Laung Por Yim”, standing and holding an alms bowl Buddha image. This Buddha image is caught the eyes from the long distance by its large size 9 meters and 9 inches height and seconds floor placed. Then go shopping for local products from people to facilitate income distribution.

6. Halt if the day passed, We will lunch together at “Floating Market at Wat Saeng Siri Dham”. There are many of Thai local food. The recommended food Mun Nor Kala and Ka Nom Jeen buffet which 25 baht for one type of curry and 30 baht for two types of curries.

7. “Wat Yai Sawang arom” the sixth temple. People who admire in amulet would be like this temple because there is very famous place of sacred object incantation. Dog, especially golden retriever breed, lovers should not miss this temple too. Because the abbot of this temple has looked after almost 30 golden retriever dos so this temple looks like mini dog farm.

8. The continue float to Koh Kred (Kred Island) and get on at “Wat Poramai Yikawas”. It was built in the age of Link Rama V. The pediment of main shrine hall (Ubosot) is decorated with “Phra Kiew”, which is the emblem of King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V). Travelers can go to hit the bell. This can help release distress and get incoming fortune as its belief. Then go shopping for food and souvenirs . Some can go to see pottery factories that reveal a secret technique of all process.

9. Travelers can walk to “Wat Sao Tong Thong”, temple number eight of our trip. There are Ma Fueng Pagoda (Cambodia Pagoda), Ta-Klen Goddess and 2 statues of topknot child (Kumarn Phom Juk) that travelers can give a respect to.

10. Travelers, who attend to make pilgrimage all total nine temples, can to the last one at “Wat Phai Lorm” to see Phra That Raman Pagoda or omitation of Chavedagon Pagoda which is very beautiful. Mon people call this temple as “Phia To”.

From Chao Phraya Express Boat Magazine
Update Oct 06, 2011

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