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After we receive your booking enquiry, you get a detail offer about availability, total costs and the cancellation policies for the requested period.

Given that you entered a valid email address, you will receive an answer within a few hours. However, due to different time zones and weekends, this can be delayed by up to 24 hours in some cases.

If room is available and you wish to confirm, you might be ask to secure the booking by a deposit within 2 days. Please note, that room availability sometimes change daily, especially during peak seasons.

The deposit is usually between 10-30%. The balance to be paid either direct at the hotel or 2 weeks before arrival. This depends on seasonal policies by the hotels and all these details you will receive in our email response.

For any deposit, you will receive an electronic payment receipt. In case a balance payment is requested 2 weeks before arrival, you will also receive an exchange voucher to be shown when check-in.

For pick-up service request, please re-confirm flight details before arriving.

Never send credit card details by email or from unsecured websites! Either use our secure online payment page or send credit card details by Fax.

If you have to cancel a reservation, please do it as early as possible by email or Fax. The hotel's cancellation & refund policies will be in the email you will receive from us.

- Checking confirmation status in Secure Online Payment
- Contact for more infomation

To make sure, that your email address is correct, we send an automatic email to you after your enquiry arrive. If you don't get this auto-responder within a day, please contact us. If you have problems in sending this form, PRINT & FAX this form to our
Reservation Tel: +66 2 6745555 or Fax:+66 2 6745544
Update Aug 31, 2010

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